Things to keep in mind as you reap the benefits of your hard work

"Is this really true..."

Let me pinch the inside of my arm... and my leg... am I really sitting inside this plane, headed for what seems like the final trip of this summers interminable list, one with an actual "destination" I will (temporarily) stop in?

"Destination is the trip, itself"

Yeah, because I feel like at this point, this restless life of the traveler feels like "home" to me, as if there was no destination but the trip itself.
But no, it's true, I am going "home" to New York...
And this feeling inside my chest, my stomach, I guess it's the the result of the life of he who travels, never really stops.
Intense joy alternated to intense sadness, emotions brought to their extremes.
It's the result of a life I choose, and have always chosen, or maybe just the inevitable consequence of my nature.
Interminable hours of plane, car, ship, ferry, train, bus, subway, walking, running, lots of running... have taken me on a journey through the many different worlds of places and people, familiar and not.
Physical worlds, as well as the worlds within people, the worlds of different cultures, countries, ways of living.
Worlds that I loved and understood before even meeting, and others that take immense effort for me to even start to seize.
Worlds which I have grown to love, respect, appreciate, even dislike, or not.

"All kinds of ups and downs"

All kinds of ups and downs, but worlds that have taught me something precious time and time again.
It's been something like 41000km (26000 miles), almost 3 months, continents, towns, cities, villages, languages, cultures, ways of living...
And yet the journey that this summer has most significantly contributed to carry on and deepen is the one within myself.

"The greatest journey, the one within"

Thanks to this gift of life, these incredible lessons of humility and openness, I have grown.
The road is long, but so are my optimism, will, joy and hunger, and I guess that it just feels right to dedicate these words to the two people that provided me with the first, ultimate "gift" itself, my parents.

"Thank you to the providers of the first, ultimate "gift", life.


The tear in my eye is just collateral effect, a part of the game.
This one goes out to you two, the journeys that brought you together, the journeys to come, everything in between, and that fantastic place in my head and heart where I am and will always be just be a kid, and you, my heroes.


Myself and my parents

Myself and my parents

Behind the scenes of my Thailand adventure

"In no particular order"

Lorenzo Pozzan in Thailand

This past year has been something I still cannot fully wrap my fingers around.
To this day, I have trouble describing and understanding where my core, the human identity I was born into ends, and where the evolution of who I am today, begins.
Luckily, there are a few things I do on somewhat of a regular basis as part of my own vital routine, that indirectly help keep track of my mental and physical state: writing and exercise.
One of the most eloquent ways for me to communicate what happened is that of factually contextualizing events, and then sharing flow-of-consciousness writing from that particular timeframe, so, here goes.

Flow of consciousness writing

My exercise regimen and vision this past year broadened to a more applied, functional way of training, because of the continually changing demands of a highly varied lifestyle.
This change was empowered by the knowledge and inspirations produced by one of the most extraordinary encounters of the year, and of my life. Mr Joe.
Brother and partner in crime, I was blessed enough to share some extraordinary adventures (which I will share more about in another writing session) with this guy, with much more to come, as our team effort (Boyz-Aroundthewod) prepares for take-off.
Right now, I will just let a piece of text from one of our adventures in the Thai jungle speak on the subject:

Text from the Thai Jungle


"There are people out there who's enactment of the base principles of sharing, friendship and brotherhood represent a victory for all of humanity. People who don't necessarily talk about, teach or explain, but rather embody, show and clarify by example. People who would rather lose some and take one for the team in the name of what has real, deeper value. People who will slow down their own stride just to be by your side and push you to grow once you find your own pace. When you meet people like this, every other type of interaction becomes indirectly conditioned by the uncompromising integrity you have experienced, and your will to grow and deserve the support and respect they give you pushes you well beyond your solo potential. The dream of being bound by friendships to people like this is what gets my inner child out of bed with a smile every morning. So, for a new brother, untamed beast with an uncompromising heart who's words have inspired me almost as much as his silences. Who's training has helped me burst through physical and mental plateaus  with the power of a raging bull and the control and precision of a hummingbird. Who's humility has given me the courage to question the fundaments of myself. Who's quiet inner tornado has taught me so much about life, and who's overall love, blood, sweat and tears have given me more in a few weeks than I could ever dream of giving back, thank you. Until next time, you have my word, we either go hard or we go to the ward."

Thailand itself, according to a traveling actor

As for Thailand itself, the welcoming love and good hearts of the Thai people healed me, educated me, fueled my passions and projected me to new dimensions of confidence and awareness, as an improvised soul-searching trip turned into a prolific professional learning experience, offering me the chance to work with extraordinary talent on amazing projects.

To describe this, I will let images talk:

How to live, traveling

"My Last winter in the City" (New York City)

New York to Madagascar

As these things often go, it is in its summer that the shape of a winter is carved, and this story represents no exception to the rule.

Thrown into the womb of one of the worlds best preserved epicenters of biodiversity, the magnificent land of Madagascar, this pure, rich land endowed me with one of the greatest gifts I would have never had the maturity or intelligence to ask for, on my own.

Madagascars gift to me

I would love to be able to specifically describe the nature of that gift, to concretely define it, but every time I think I have found the right words, sides of it I still don’t know manifest and unveil.

All I really know is that ever since I came back from that trip, a will to deepen my capacity to empathize with human beings through knowledge of diverse cultures has been my most loyal travel companion, both on a routinely basis and in my travels.

Fascination for how different cultures experience life

This fascination for the many ways in which cultures and people around the world face problems and questions of life that feel recognizably human and familiar to me at their core, has made me an avid reader and insatiable traveler, culminating in my promise to myself that: “this has been my last winter in the city”.

"This has been my last winter in the city" - Lorenzo Pozzan, New York City

The loose interpretation of this momentary delirium being that I want to travel as much as possible and immerse myself in as many ways of experiencing life, in order to constantly enrich and deepen my knowledge and profound love of what it really means to be human, all this to be the best creator of human behavior, the best and most effective actor and artist I can possibly be.

Il mio ultimo inverno in citta’

Come avviene di consueto, e’ in estate che prende forma l’inverno, e questa storia non fa certo da eccezione alla regola.

Gettato in grembo ad uno degli epicentri di biodiversità mondiale meglio preservati, il meraviglioso Madagascar, questa terra ricca e pura mi ha fatto anzitempo uno dei regali più utili che potessi ricevere, nonostante non avessi ne la maturità ne l’intelligenza per desiderarlo, da me.

Mi piacerebbe molto poter spiegare in modo preciso la natura di tale dono, definirlo concretamente, ma ogni volta che credo di aver trovato le parole giuste, se ne manifestano nuovi effetti.

Mi limiterò a dire che da quando sono tornato da quel viaggio, la volontà di approfondire la mia capacita di empatia con gli esseri umani attraverso la conoscenza di culture diverse e’ stata la mia compagna di viaggio più fedele, sia nel quotidiano, che in viaggio.

Il fascino che esercitano su di me i vari meccanismi con cui le culture e gli individui affrontano problemi e le domande della vita che riconosco nella loro familiare essenza ed umanità, mi hanno reso un avido lettore ed instancabile viaggiatore, culminando in una promessa che mi sono fatto: “questo e’ stato il mio ultimo inverno in città’”.

L’interpretazione postuma di questo momento di romantico delirio e’ che voglio viaggiare il più possibile, immergendomi nei vari modi di provare la vita, in modo da approfondire ed arricchire costantemente la mia conoscenza ed il mio profondo amore del vero significato dell’essere umani, il tutto per essere l’attore ed artista più efficace che mi sia dato la possibilità di essere.