Chronicles of a traveling actor, Bali done right !!

"Bali life, kuta beach surf, and exotic fruits"

I'm sitting under a tree, regenerating my soul after a long day by surfing, and then eating fresh dragon fruit and snake fruit.
The sun is blessing this corner of paradise with today's last rays, and I feel lucky, good, happy, oh so happy...
I am thinking to myself that I would love to have something deep and inspiring to say, to put into words how I feel.
Maybe something like the fact that their is nothing as deeply rewarding as seeing progress on the road towards a goal you are working heart and soul to achieve, or, I don't know..
But the truth is that I don't know how to explain how I feel, and right now, all I can think about is the feeling of the wind brushing against my body as I glide towards the shore, with this sunset behind me, and a board that almost feels like a part of me, under my feet...

"Healthy eats: did someone say Alkaline?"

All who know me, know that I love healthy, wholesome living, starting from my food, but you also know that I enjoy eating it, rather than photographing it...
However, lunch today was so ridiculously good and healthy, it HAS to be documented.

"My daily menu in Ubud, Bali"

So, for my foodies, health-freaks or just life-lovers, everything is 100% local-mountain grown, raw, vegan and organic.

Mixed green + spirulina gomasio + sprouts "cooked" in tahini and lime + turmeric cashews + coconut nori seaweed clusters + coconut basil crunch + mix shredded veggies and seeds + sesame dressing with a sprinkle of pink Himalayan salt + cayenne + black pepper.

Accompanied by dandelion kombucha and a cold-pressed mixed veggie juice.

Desert was:
Raw and vegan probiotic coconut yogurt with oats, walnuts, goji berries, strawberries, bananas, cashew chunks, dragon fruit, and plenty of spirulina and ma a.

Did someone say "alkaline"?

The diet of a healthy traveling actor in Ubud, Bali

The diet of a healthy traveling actor in Ubud, Bali


"My balinese christmas adventure"

This text represents, in many ways, a pivotal, 'turning' point in my life, both personally, and professionally. A moment in which I decided to take ulterior responsibility and ownership over my life.

There's something unconventionally special about consciously deciding
to spend Christmas Day by climbing to the top of a volcano with perfect

There's something somewhat absolute about deciding to do so at 2 am in
the morning, in order to be able to watch the sun rise from the top,
from the volcano's crater, its womb.
And there's something incredibly magical about eating eggs that have
been steamed by the volcano's vapors, while you do all of the above,
welcoming the sun, as it embraces the world with its warmth, giving
birth to the new day.
It's also pretty great to end that same day sitting on some steps by
the edge of a road, oblivious to the passing of time, as you talk
about life, your doubts, fears, and impressions on it, with the same
people you called strangers that morning, who now feel so much like
it almost scares you.

All day, and all night, and again all day, I have been thinking of a
way to convey the essence of what is going on inside me as a result of
all this, to others... I am persuaded that it is fundamental to share
as much as I can
, of such pure bliss.
And all the fantastic inspiration that emerges from the heart of this
joy, for which I am so grateful.
But gratitude doesn't fully represent what I am feeling. This
sensation is more of an encouragement, a reminder to keep dreaming,
being, and believing in humanity.
A reminder so familiar and deep, that it almost feels like something
that has always belonged to me, something ancestral.
But if I had to pinpoint which part of this adventure has affected me
so, I just can't ignore the continuous cathartic sensation that
sprouts from the depths of me as I watch my two new friends open
themselves up and flourish into the human creatures they are, before
my very eyes.

As I receive and take part in this manifestation of sheer beauty, this
embodiment of peacefully coexisting uniqueness, this lesson on
authenticity and purity
, it is clear to me that it's all worth it.
Believing in good, trusting others, holding a high bar, life itself,
and the fact of dedicating it to giving back, in whatever way is
natural to you.

And as these thoughts run through me like bright shooting stars on a
moonless night, a new incision is carved within me, one that I feel
will stick around for a while... the story of that Christmas eve I
climbed a volcano to watch the sunrise, and with a few strangers, we
wished each other happy holidays by letting our souls sing... and they sang so
loud that nothing could overpower their song, and they sang so loud that I still feel the echo, bouncing around my heart.