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"Is this really true..."

Let me pinch the inside of my arm... and my leg... am I really sitting inside this plane, headed for what seems like the final trip of this summers interminable list, one with an actual "destination" I will (temporarily) stop in?

"Destination is the trip, itself"

Yeah, because I feel like at this point, this restless life of the traveler feels like "home" to me, as if there was no destination but the trip itself.
But no, it's true, I am going "home" to New York...
And this feeling inside my chest, my stomach, I guess it's the the result of the life of he who travels, never really stops.
Intense joy alternated to intense sadness, emotions brought to their extremes.
It's the result of a life I choose, and have always chosen, or maybe just the inevitable consequence of my nature.
Interminable hours of plane, car, ship, ferry, train, bus, subway, walking, running, lots of running... have taken me on a journey through the many different worlds of places and people, familiar and not.
Physical worlds, as well as the worlds within people, the worlds of different cultures, countries, ways of living.
Worlds that I loved and understood before even meeting, and others that take immense effort for me to even start to seize.
Worlds which I have grown to love, respect, appreciate, even dislike, or not.

"All kinds of ups and downs"

All kinds of ups and downs, but worlds that have taught me something precious time and time again.
It's been something like 41000km (26000 miles), almost 3 months, continents, towns, cities, villages, languages, cultures, ways of living...
And yet the journey that this summer has most significantly contributed to carry on and deepen is the one within myself.

"The greatest journey, the one within"

Thanks to this gift of life, these incredible lessons of humility and openness, I have grown.
The road is long, but so are my optimism, will, joy and hunger, and I guess that it just feels right to dedicate these words to the two people that provided me with the first, ultimate "gift" itself, my parents.

"Thank you to the providers of the first, ultimate "gift", life.


The tear in my eye is just collateral effect, a part of the game.
This one goes out to you two, the journeys that brought you together, the journeys to come, everything in between, and that fantastic place in my head and heart where I am and will always be just be a kid, and you, my heroes.


Myself and my parents

Myself and my parents

How to write negative thoughts away


"It is only over an open wound, that new skin is really born... And so, she took me in her womb, caressed my soul, kissed my eyelid, soothed my essence and whispered softly, "tonight, eyes wide open, because every second they are closed, escaping, every sad instant is wasted moonlight."

Corsican mountains

How to make your current conditions comfortable

"Condition becomes your home"

Let me tell you my story

Growing up with a lack of predefined deeper identification set the premises for what I am today in the world, and ignited within me a constant research for depth. Time taught me that the common-thread to my curiosity was the inherently human need to find recurring elements in life with which to compare one’s evolution, changes and growth.

Basically, because my parents were from different countries and ended up living and raising me in a new city, speaking multiple languages and experiencing diverse cultures, my roots were not obvious, and require to be sought out through constant research, to this day. In my personal case, I end up finding elements that I feel viscerally connected to in all kinds of different contexts, cultures and places.

My passion for traveling and acting


This fuels my passion for traveling, and of course, acting, pushing me to question and cross-examine human psychology in its practical and intellectual implementations around the world, with the purpose of boiling it down to its most condensed, universal version.

The more time passes, the more I realize that my life is a collage of people, events, passions and pursuits that can in some way be connected to this common thread, this peaceful quest, and if it is true that home is none other than an unchangeable condition you are born into, my life is the act of embracing mine.

Within it, my (actual) mothers land, for many aspects the motherland of my spirit, though not the place I grew up, has played an increasingly important role, being somewhere I have returned to every year for as long as I can remember. This continuity has given me the opportunity to hold myself accountable in relation to it, and to really get to know myself through my reactions to its all-around uniqueness.

Actor Lorenzo Pozzan in Corsica

Corsica is a small island in the middle of the mediterranean, very different from its surroundings, the native land of my mother, where my maternal grandparents were born and raised. It is imbued with strong personal identity and mixed ethnicity, populated by quietly irreverent and feisty characters that have never fully recognized external political supremacy. The people embody what the land physically describes, with tall rocky mountains rising surprisingly high across its backbone, only a few miles away from beautiful sandy beaches, separated by untouched forests, streams, waterfalls and rivers. Nature reigns over this diverse territory with low human population density, making it very different from the highly populated lands and islands that surround it.



I love Corsica, my land

I have fallen in love with Corsica, with it’s beautiful harshness, with elements that test me but feel like they belong to the core of my essence, and sharing snippets of life with other people here has always felt deeply personal, special.

Calanques de Piana

Calanques de Piana

Calanques de Piana 2

Calanques de Piana 2


A poem for Corsica

"This sunset that never gets old,
this heart that never grows cold,
these feelings placing life on hold...
Every time you watch the sun rise or set,
you're the one changing, think of it,
life weaves its path as a result of taken action,
vision clarifies diverging distraction.
On this curve that has seen me pass and grow a thousand times,
I turn yet another page of this book of mine.
Pack on my back I make my way,
to the greatest of teachers from the dawn of day,
Mother Nature.
GR20, Tra li Monti, arrivemu.
Corsica, terra mia, sempre Regina.


My great Corsican adventure

Corsica has pushed me to do everything that I love with deeper meaning, stronger passion and renewed faith, and no theater would be better than this gem to host the first “planned" adventure of my passion project Boyz-AroundtheWOD with my brother Ricky: hiking the northern legs of the GR20, Europe’s most challenging hike.

There's so much more I can't wait to Share

So much more that I can’t wait to share on this subject, maybe some partnered up writing with Ricky himself, who is returning from his latest African adventure.

For now, let me just say that sharing, discovering, experiencing, loving and being loved leave me different, every time, a better version of myself, changed, richer, and from within this awareness, I wish for you to never remain the same for long.

When a swimming cardio session becomes dinner

When a swimming cardio session becomes dinner